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Current demographic changes and economic pressure on health care spending will favor fast moving intelligent Med Tech Suppliers. In 2012, German Orthopedic Manufacturer-aap Joints GmbH- was established to design and supply high quality implants and lean instrument sets.

Wisdom is not given, but the result of serious, constant & hard engagement. aap Joints decided to improve their products to be better and last longer. At our core manufacturing center in Suzhou, China the most modern & innovative manufacturing equipment guaranties precision implants and instruments sets – a level of precision you only find in the world of watch makers.Rigorous R&D processes, a high standard of manufacturing and a very beneficial portfolio of products allows surgeons to allocate resources in a most intelligent and focused way. Consequentially patients will be home fast and enjoy a new quality of long life. Our approach sets a Milestone in economical resource allocation and protects national health care spending globally. This is why we say :