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Our Vision

A dramatic growing and aging global population will challenge many societies already today, but even more in near future.

Therefore our investors & management decided by purpose (& heart), to enter a very well established market, showing very small innovation within last decades.

Our high-quality products (Coming from Germany) will increase the quality of life, no matter of national health care systems or level of industrialization & wealth.

Our aim, to access markets globally by direct sales s well as strong, innovative distribution networks.

Four important pillars will contribute & flank this ambitious plan:

  • COMPETENCE – Manufacturing, Service
  • INVESTMENT IN KNOWLEDGE“An Investment in Knowledge always pays the best interest“ (Benjamin Franklin)

Having accomplished 18 CE Mark registration certificates of our products, already proofs the power & spirit at aap JOINTS GmbH best.

This makes us proud and motivates us to follow our route even more ambitious …

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